Seminars are held in English or German.

The LBM curriculum seminars are created and presented by Yvonne Frei and Stefan Collier and are open to anyone who is open to holistic methods and would like to learn more about the Limbic Balance method.

The LBM Curriculum is presented in several chronologically developed seminars.

The seminars provide deep theoretical and practical aspects of basic and profound observations and assessments of clients with unbalanced emotional and energetic life problems.

The education includes a clear training scheme with clear work plans and working techniques.

The goal of the treatment is to make the client, with the newly achieved state of equilibrium by removing the subconscious emotions, more energetically and emotionally more stable and free. Based on case studies, demonstrations and practical applications, this will lead to practical seminars.

Seminars are held in English or German.

Upon completion of the full LBM Curriculum seminars, participants will have the opportunity to become a "Certified LBM Practitioner" by taking the final theoretical and practical exam.

Planned Seminars - education

Seminar in German Language

LBM Level 1 - Basics - Introduction

  • September 28 - 29, 2019 Kartause Ittingen - Switzerland

Seminar in English Language

LBM Level 2 - Advanced

  • September 30 - Oktober 1, 2019 Kartause Ittingen - Switzerland